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If you want great value services but haven’t the time or resource to buy and manage them properly then we can help.
Most companies can’t afford to employ expert buyers across the broad range of services we provide. So when such responsibility falls on just one individual, we really know what a tough ask that is!

About you

Most service providers like to talk about themselves, but at The Buying Club we like to be different. So let’s spend a couple of minutes talking about you…

We’ve tailored our service to suit particular kinds of businesses. If you answer “yes” to most or all of the following questions then The Buying Club can help you achieve considerable cost savings and greater efficiency within your organisation.

Are you a hard-working business?

Are you focused primarily on sales and operations?
Are you spending too much money on goods and services?
Would you like to deal with real people and receive excellent service at all times?

Would you like more profit without having to generate more sales?
Are you aware that there are far better deals available but simply don’t have the time to search for them or negotiate better rates?

Do you find that looking for better deals is always on your “to do” but you never have quite enough time to deal with it?

Are you aware that every month that goes by you’re missing out on potential savings because you don’t have the time to look for better deals?

Do you lack the budget to employ an expert member of staff to manage your overhead goods and services?

Would you like someone to manage your overhead goods and services, get you better deals and make huge savings for your company and not charge you a penny for the privilege?

Would you like to make immediate savings on your key overhead goods and services like mobile phones, stationery and landline, as well as a host of other business essentials?

If you think we can help you, then pick up the phone – we’re waiting for your call. Contact us now!

About us

We’ve been in business now for 4 years helping companies ranging from “one man bands” to those turning over tens of millions of pounds, to save money. The vast majority of our members have stayed loyal to us and when you consider that for most services we have no tie in period that says something special about the quality and value of service we provide.

about you
  5 great reasons
to Join Now
Our growing membership means more buying power hence better deals for all.
We do all the hard work for you making it simple to switch suppliers.
Our warm and friendly customer support is only ever one phone call away, no foreign call centres, no automated call answering.
You’re under no obligation to buy and are completely free to choose which services are right for you.
And membership is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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