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Ours has!  We combine class leading speed with very low contention ratio to give you an unmatchable internet experience.
In fact we think it’s so good, you’ll fall in love with your laptop all over again!



Speed, reliability and cost effectiveness – are you getting all three?

Have you ever really considered how vitally important fast, reliable broadband is to your business. What would be the impact if it were to go down? How much are you paying for your service?

There are numerous broadband providers these days, some cheaper than others, some better than others. The Buying Club have found a solution which offers you a balance of all three from quite possibly the best broadband supplier around (and certainly the best value.)

  A fast connection with lower contention   First class customer support, first class technical support

Have you ever wondered why your broadband is slower at lunchtime or at 4.00 in the afternoon? You’re probably on a consumer contract where up to 50 people access the same “pipe” as you. It’s like being at the photocopier when the person in front of you is just printing off War & Peace! With our supplier you don’t have to share with half your town - that means you get larger capacity and a faster connection.


No waiting in queues, no overseas call centres, no interminable menu choices – you speak directly to a friendly, helpful human being in this country that will deal with your issues, quickly and efficiently.

We understand that with broadband services you may have technical queries. Our provider will ensure you get the best broadband solution for your business, so you will only get clear, practical advice not mind-blowing techno jargon.

  5 great reasons
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Our growing membership means more buying power hence better deals for all.
We do all the hard work for you making it simple to switch suppliers.
Our warm and friendly customer support is only ever one phone call away, no foreign call centres, no automated call answering.
You’re under no obligation to buy and are completely free to choose which services are right for you.
And membership is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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