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If you’ve seen the size of your latest energy bill we’re sure you were shocked. Unfortunately escalating energy prices are something we can’t get away from right now?
However by talking to us we can ensure that you benefit from the best energy deals around and that are most suited to your specific business needs.



As electricity and gas prices continue to soar, are you confident you’re getting the best deal for your business?

You might be amazed how much money you can save and the bottom line is you will have very little to do to achieve it. We have partnered with a leading energy analyst to identify the best deals in the marketplace – and we’ll manage the process of changing to a new supplier to make it as simple as possible.

Many people are confused about changing energy suppliers but the truth is, it is fairly simple to switch. There are no physical changes required, no installations, no new meter, etc. The only change you will notice is that your bill will come from a different supplier.

  Energy quotes and changing contracts  

Taking into account seasonal changes to save you more


We monitor the market every day to find the best prices on electricity and gas. Once we feed you a better deal all it takes is one signature to change.

  Energy prices often get higher toward the autumn months in anticipation of contract renewals in October and November. If you contract in spring the price typically is lower. Did you know you can even tender and contract for your electricity renewal six months in advance?
  Accurate quotes that let you know how much you’ll save  

Being prepared in a fast moving market

  For electricity for example, we will ensure that all the costs are taken into account including day/night charges, winter/summer, capacity charges, maximum demand and max KVA.
  The energy market is moving so fast at the moment that quotes can be revoked without notice. We will fully prepare you as to the expected rates you will pay and give you a quote (obtained from several suppliers) so you can realistically assess the total cost.
  If you think we can help you, then pick up the phone – we’re waiting for your call. Contact us now!
  5 great reasons
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Our growing membership means more buying power hence better deals for all.
We do all the hard work for you making it simple to switch suppliers.
Our warm and friendly customer support is only ever one phone call away, no foreign call centres, no automated call answering.
You’re under no obligation to buy and are completely free to choose which services are right for you.
And membership is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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