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If you’ve ever tried to get through to your telephone
provider then you know it’s enough to make you weep!

Being passed from pillar to post, held in endless queues to finally talk to some far flung shore operative with little concern for your issue. We know it’s awful. Wouldn’t you rather dial one number and talk to someone helpful instead?

Fixed line calls


Lower cost calls, better service – with no risk to your connection or call quality. Isn’t it time you looked at changing from BT?

Moving your calls and line rental to a different provider is easy, risk-free and could save you a packet. If you’ve ever grumbled about BT’s high prices, poor customer service, overseas call centres and interminable hold times maybe now is the time to make a change.

More and more people are realising how easy it is to change their gas and electricity away from their traditional supplier. When it comes to changing from BT there’s more resistance - but once you realise how easy it to change, without sacrificing any of the benefits of your BT line, you’ll never look back!

  Up to 30% cheaper call charges   More choice without the need for prefix numbers

With The Buying Club there are no minimum call fees, no call set up fee and no minimum contract – calls cost from just 1.4p per minute.


We’ll source your calls from the most cost-effective network. You still use the same reliable infrastructure you used before, but now you can shop around for the best rates without paying to change.

  10% off BT line rental   Cost-effective billing

When you move your landline to The Buying Club, we’ll get you a 10% reduction in your BT line rental – without a long contract period.


Email bills and direct debit payment mean lower costs for us – we pass on the savings directly to you.

  Make the most of business numbers   Customer service – speaking your language

Have you ever wondered how you could improve customer response to your adverts, or even generate revenue from customers calling you? Using 0800, 0845 or 0870 numbers can boost your business for a tiny monthly rental charge.


When you have queries, you can talk direct to a real person who knows about your account and can answer any questions you have in detail. It’s the kind of personal service BT can only dream of.

  5 great reasons
to Join Now
Our growing membership means more buying power hence better deals for all.
We do all the hard work for you making it simple to switch suppliers.
Our warm and friendly customer support is only ever one phone call away, no foreign call centres, no automated call answering.
You’re under no obligation to buy and are completely free to choose which services are right for you.
And membership is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Join Now

be part of a bigger deal
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