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As you all know, there’s no such thing as a free lunch and this applies to “free” handsets too.
The hidden capital cost of constantly replacing handsets is significant. Thatís why we also offer you lower cost SIM only deals allowing you choose which handsets to replace and when.

Mobile phones


99% of our clients were paying too much for their mobile – isn’t it about time you switched to a tariff with cheaper calls and better service?

Letís be honest the choice of which mobile phone, which network and which price plan thatís right for your business is bewildering. To make matters worse the people selling solutions to you are usually tied in to just one or two networks so you fail to be presented with a truly best value solution. Thatís why we at The Buying Club have partnered with one of the leading distributors in Europe, one of the few to offer all five of the major networks. When we present a solution to you, you can be confident that we believe we are offering the best deal and solution available in the marketplace that meets your business needs.

In fact by understanding the market and its needs, we can recommend new solutions tailored to your business, and help you to work altogether smarter. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the very latest mobile technologies through converged voice and data solutions, handsets, accessories and exclusive products. ...more info

  Personal service from real people   Good coverage, better communication

At The Buying Club there are no call centres, no hold music and no menus to navigate. When you call us, you speak to a real person straight away. We’re on first name terms with you and with the mobile phone networks – that means problems get dealt with quickly and efficiently.


Whether you use your mobile at home, at the office or on holiday, you want good coverage whenever you need it. We can analyse your work, rest and play postcodes to check you get a signal.

  We’ll show you how much you’ll save   The incredible handset saving

We've looked at hundreds of mobile phone bills and our extensive analysis means we know we can save you money. Weíll can even give you a detailed report showing expected savings against most business tariffs. We'll also make sure you get a fully itemised bill every month Ė by email, to save you even more money.


You wouldn't buy your staff a new laptop every time you renewed your broadband Ė why buy them a new handset every year? With The Buying Club we can provide SIM only deals so you only have to buy a new phone when you really need one Ė and we pass on the savings to you.

  Take your existing numbers with you   Email and online, on your mobile

We’re with you every step of the way as you change service providers. We manage porting (transferring your existing numbers onto the new network), checking coverage and ensuring your transition is totally seamless.


We have a range of options for email and Internet access on the move including Data Cards, Internet-ready mobile phones and Blackberries. These come with the same friendly service and cost consciousness as everything else we do.

mobile phones
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