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Okay maybe stationery isn’t the most interesting topic in the world but nonetheless quality, great value and reliable supply are essential ingredients for any successful business.
So we’re pleased when our members state that our supply partner sets the performance benchmark upon which they judge their other suppliers.

Office supplies


Unbeatable service with dramatic savings

At The Buying Club we not only offer lower prices – of up to 30% on your existing supplier - but also offer time saving ordering methods that are designed to ensure accuracy, speed and simplicity - all with delivery next day and consolidated invoicing.

All our services are designed to reduce the hidden costs in ordering stationery and associated overhead expense items. You’ll soon be using our office products supplier as a benchmark for all your other suppliers.

  Analysing your bills to show you real savings   Five suppliers in one

To accurately assess how much you can save send us a minimum of 3 months invoices from your existing stationery supplier. What's more, we’ll do this analysis for free - the only thing you can lose is high prices.


Do you buy your office supplies, catering, computer consumables, janitorial and paper from 5 separate sources? The means 5 deliveries, 5 invoices, 5 sales people – why not make it simpler with one supplier who can offer you significant cost savings without the extra hassle?

  One easy to read bill every month   Smooth, flexible ordering

Consolidated invoicing - one invoice every month – saves huge amounts of time in admin and improves cash flow immediately. Add to that bespoke reporting by budget/cost centre, user or products and analysing your spend couldn’t be easier. In addition our start of the art system enables production of EDI invoices that will interface to any system.


You can order by phone, fax or online – and mix and match so people in your organization can choose their preferred route. Alternatively, why not take advantage of the ability to requisition goods online and have the req passed to the appropriate person in your organisation to be signed off and processed as an order?

office supplies
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Our growing membership means more buying power hence better deals for all.
We do all the hard work for you making it simple to switch suppliers.
Our warm and friendly customer support is only ever one phone call away, no foreign call centres, no automated call answering.
You’re under no obligation to buy and are completely free to choose which services are right for you.
And membership is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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