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Are you considering changing or upgrading your phone system and are a little uncertain how to go about it?
Our supply partner is an expert in state of the art voice over internet protocol (VoIP) systems as well as traditional PBX based ones. You can trust them to give you solid, unbiased advice on what is the best course of action for you.

Phone systems


Modern phone systems can totally transform the way your company works

A modern phone system can offer you significant cost savings with multiple phone lines and a host of features that can transform the way your company works. Itís like having an extra member of staff to manage your calls.

Whether youíre looking for someone to manage your existing PBX system or are looking to upgrade your communications to the latest and astonishingly flexible VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), our provider has experience in maintaining over 30 leading types of PBX system and is also an accredited system installer for market-leading SpliceComís Maximiser telephone system.

All our systems are totally scaleable to grow as you do. No paying for a system size that you might grow into. Pay only for what you need today.

  Make the most of your PBX phone system   Or move into the future with VoIP

Like many companies, you may still have a traditional PBX based telephone system. Our provider has extensive experience of managing and maintaining a wide range of PBX based systems and help you get the most out of your existing system.


There has been a revolution in office-based telephony systems. With SpliceComís Maximiser VoIP, you get the benefits of advanced call handling features together with web-enabled applications integrated into your existing IT infrastructure. Less copper plant, up to 100,000 handsets, modular call servers Ė you can even reuse your existing PBX handsets! Itís the future.

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