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Do you have need for some administrative support but can’t justify the cost of employing a person full time?
Our team of “virtual assistants” can be on hand 24/7 to help solve your problems. Anything from call handling and typing to complete event management. And the great news is you only pay for their actual time used.

Secretarial services - virtual assistants


Why employ full time staff when you can pay for vital support services only when you need them?

There are always times when demand exceeds the human resources in the company. But when you have high priority, highly important sales and operations tasks who gets them done?

Our virtual admin services take care of virtually every secretarial, admin and support service you could imagine, and with charges by the minute no task is too small.

  Minimise your admin costs   Friendly, reliable team players

In these hard times you need to keep costs to a minimum, but know that the job you ask to be done, can and will be done. Virtual admin provides a ready-made solution.


Our virtual admin services are a small friendly team of experienced staff. They are split into teams and with two staff covering the same clients. This ensures that you will get to know your VA and they will get to know you and the work involved.

  Your flexible friends   No more hidden costs

From call handling to direct marketing, virtual admin services arenít restricted to photocopying and making the (virtual) tea. If you wanted a PA, a bookkeeper, an event manager and a direct marketer, you would be looking at spending tens, if not hundreds of thousands on staff. Virtual admin is a far more flexible way of increasing the skills base of your company in vital support areas.


With virtual admin services you donít pay any PAYE, NI or agency fees. Thereís no additional investment required in office space or equipment either Ė that should save you a packet!

secretarial services
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